Hornberger Landscape & Nursery, Inc
Landscape Services

Design: Every client is unique and has different needs. At Hornberger Landscape & Nursery, Inc. our Licensed Landscape Architect and Landscape Designer collaborate with the client and each other to fulfill your landscape needs, residential or commercial.

Installation:  We use our trained professionals to properly implement the design from paper to reality.


  • LAWN MOWING : Do not have time mow your lawn? We still have a few openings in our Lawn Maintenance Package, call soon to get added to the list!
  • Pruning: Pruning will be provided to encourage a healthy, natural growth pattern for each specific variety. We will remove broken, diseased, dead, conflicting, and poor structured branching. All pruning cuts will be made next to main trunks, new leaders, viable buds, or if necessary, the removal of old canes on woody shrubs. Sucker shoots will be removed from the base of the trees. Pruning is limited to a height of 12 feet.
  • Hedge Shearing: Hedges will be sheared in a horticulturally correct manner to maintain a compact and neat appearance.
  • Bed Edging: New bed lines will be established between bed and turf areas. The edge will be cut 1.5 inches deep, and the soil from the cut will be removed prior to mulching. This gives a manicured appearance and restrains the mulch from escaping the defined areas.
  • Planting Bed Cleaning: Planting beds will be cleared of all seasonal debris and leaf material.
  • Weed Removal: Weeds will be controlled in planting beds throughout the growing season by both hand weeding and with post-emergent herbicides.
  • Pre-emergent Herbicide: A pre-emergent herbicide will be applied to reduce weed seed germination in planting beds.
  • Shredded Bark Mulch: Shredded bark mulch will be applied to planting beds to maintain a 2 inch thickness. Planting beds containing ground covers will be mulched only as necessary to make aesthetically pleasing while not to inhibit plant development.
  • Leaf Removal: During the autumn season, leaves will be removed from turf and bed areas.

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